Best Restaurant Franklin Gungahlin Canberra

Bringing authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine to our Canberran backyard

Who Are We?

Welcome to Little Lanka, the best Sri Lankan restaurant in Canberra, where the love and hospitality of Sri Lankan cuisine converge. With Chef Nelson’s three decades of culinary expertise, savour the nuanced flavours of authentic dishes that transport you to the Island with every bite.

Nestled in the heart of Franklin, Gungahlin, our family-run establishment blends traditional recipes with modern flair. Whether you crave a hearty meal, a light snack, or an exotic culinary journey, Little Lanka is your destination for celebrating taste, tradition, and family warmth.

Our Mission

At Little Lanka, our dedication to providing a diverse culinary experience in Canberra extends to catering for various dietary preferences. We take pride in offering a menu where every dish is Halal. For our vegetarian and vegan patrons across Canberra, our plant-based delights ensure a rich exploration of flavours without compromising taste.

Through our diverse menu, we believe in making the authentic taste of Sri Lanka accessible to all. Join us at Little Lanka for a dining experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the vibrant multiculturalism of Canberra, one delectable dish at a time.