Best Restaurant Franklin Gungahlin Canberra

Hoppers (Appam)

Hoppers, also Appam, are a beloved Sri Lankan dish crafted from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. They boast a crispy edge with a soft, pillowy centre, making them the perfect vessel for soaking up curries. Come try the best Hoppers in Canberra!


From the Dutch colonial era, the Lampraise is a rice lunchbox wrapped in a banana leaf. Taste the best lampraise in Canberra featuring rice, curried chicken, eggplant chutney, tempered potatoes and a crumbed fish croquette!

Kottu Roti

The king of Sri Lankan street food – Kottu Roti features a medley of chopped roti, vegetables, tender meat and aromatic spices all sizzling together on a hot griddle. Come taste the best Kottu Roti in Canberra!

Rice and Curry - Little Lanka

Sri Lankan Rice & Curry

The ultimate Sri Lankan feast! Rice paired with creamy lentil curry, mixed vegetable curry, tangy coconut sambal, crispy papadum and your choice of succulent meat. Come taste the best rice and curry in Canberra!

Pittu (Puttu)

Pittu, also Puttu, is a simple combination of grated coconut and steamed rice flour. Layered together in a cylindrical shape, this traditional dish features a light and airy texture. Served alongside flavorful curries and coconut sambals, come taste the best Pittu in Canberra!

Pittu - Little Lanka
String Hoppers - Little Lanka

String Hoppers (Idiyappam)

String Hoppers, also Idiyappam, are hand-pressed strands of steamed rice noodles that form a staple part of Sri Lankan cuisine. Steamed to perfection and served alongside flavourful curries, come taste the best String Hoppers in Canberra!

Biryani (Buriyani)

Affectionately known as Buriyani, Sri Lankan Biryani features fragrant basmati rice, marinated meats, crunchy raita, mango chutney, crispy papadums and egg slices. Taste the best biryani in Canberra where each spoonful is a blend of savoury and sweet notes.

Biryani - Little Lanka

Spiced Devil’s Supper

A Sri Lankan and Chinese fusion dish of tangy and mild tropical sauce tossed with crisp bullhorn capsicum, tomatoes, red onions and protein of your choice. Served with rice, come taste the best Devil’s supper in Canberra!

Fried Rice/Noodles

Sri Lankan-style stir-fried rice/noodles with carrot, leek, cabbage, crunchy red onion and your choice of protein. Come taste the best Fried Rice in Canberra!

Fried Rice - Little Lanka